Do Air Purifiers Remove Odours?

Air purifiers remove dust, pollen, smoke, and other particles from the air. But do they help with odours? It’s not surprising, therefore, that one of the most frequently asked questions by air purifier buyers is “Do air purifiers remove odours?”

Although it is a straightforward question, the answer is not a simple yes or no, because some air purifiers do eliminate odours while others do not.

Air purifiers can remove odours from your house, but only if they have activated carbon filters (also called activated charcoal).

These filters absorb the molecules that create odours. Therefore, if you are specifically out to get an air purifier to deal with kitchen smells and other odours in your house, it must have this feature.

Effectiveness of carbon filters in removing odours

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odours - GermGuardian Carbon Filters

The effectiveness of activated carbon filters to get rid of odours and leave you with a fresh-smelling house depends on two factors:

1. Amount of carbon in the filter

The amount and concentration of carbon determine the capability of a filter to get rid of smells. So, filters with a thin layer of carbon will not serve the purpose as expected. Such filters are very common on the market, and they are mostly cheap.

Therefore, seek to know the amount of carbon in the filter you are about to buy. The analogy ‘you get what you pay for’ applies when purchasing carbon activated filters too.

2. Off-gassing

Off-gassing happens when the filters release absorbed gases and odours back into the air. This mainly occurs when the carbon filter is saturated with absorbed gases and smells or a change in temperature or humidity.

To avoid off-gassing, ensure to replace the filters often and always use filters with higher amounts of carbon.

However, sometimes off-gassing has nothing to do with saturation or the amount of carbon in the filter. It remains a big drawback of using activated carbon filters.

Molekule’s PECO technology

Carbon filters offer a decent short-term solution to odours. But, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) offers a long-term solution that destroys odour-causing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) at a molecular level.

PECO technology by Molekule removes odours from the air by releasing free radicals that break down the molecular bonds of VOCs. Unlike carbon filters that only trap the gases, PECO technology destroys them. This technology is beneficial if you are dealing with harmful VOCs.

Common types of indoor odours

Smells are categorized into two types, unpleasant odours, and pleasant smells, also known as scents.

Also, the sense of smell varies from person to person. Therefore, some odours may not bother you but can trigger problems for another person. With that said, let us look into the common types of odours:

1. Smoke

Cigarette smoking is the main source of smoke indoors. Non-smokers will tell you that smoke odour is very unpleasant. While air purifiers will help you reduce the smell for some time, it is unfortunate that you cannot eliminate smoke odour if the person continues to enjoy their cigarette or cigar indoors.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odours - Cigarettes

The smoke does not only remain in the air indoors but clings on surfaces around the house and even on your body. However, you can purchase an air purifier for smoke to help reduce the impact of cigarette smoking.

2. Pet odours

Do Air Purifiers Remove Pet Odours

Pets are loyal buddies, and we love them. However, they come with unpleasant odours. Pet odours will not only embarrass you but can also trigger allergic reactions.

So, if you are looking for a solution to the embarrassing pet odour lingering in your house, or you want to stop the allergic reactions, invest in the right air purifier. This will help you enjoy being a pet guardian more.

3. Cooking smells

The smell from the delicious meal you prepared for dinner may stay in your kitchen or even the whole house longer than expected. Some food smells are more stubborn than others. For example, fish smell is very persistent and can make your house stink for days.

An air purifier is the go-to appliance when the food smell won’t go away. What’s more, it will also get rid of smells from strong spices or any other strong scents from your pantry. Investing in the best air purifier for kitchen smells will go a long way in making your life better.

4. Dirty diapers

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odours - Dirty Diaper

No matter how hard you try to safely dispose of used diapers, the baby room or nursery will always keep the smell of a used diaper. Babies are sensitive to foul smells and, therefore, you need to keep their room clean and fresh all day.

With the right air purifier, you will be surprised at the freshness in the nursery.


Do air purifiers get rid of odours? Air purifiers with the right technology can remove odours from your house. However, ensure to take the proper measures to get rid of the source of odours where applicable for a long-term solution.

As the air purifier does its part, you can keep your home fresh naturally. Watch the below YouTube by Natural Solution for more:

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