What is PM 2.5 in Air Pollution?

What is PM 2.5? PM 2.5 stands for Particulate Matter that measures 2.5 microns or less. Just for perspective, PM2.5 is over 30 times smaller than a particle of beach sand. It’s pretty hard to see one particle of sand, so this means that PM2.5 is not visible to the naked eye. Today, we delve … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust Mites?

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust Mites - Dust Mite Allergy

Do air purifiers remove dust mites? Do you have a dust mite allergy? Or are you just tired of dust accumulating in your space and want it gone? You are not alone. Millions of people are sneezing and wheezing due to dust and dust mite allergies. In truth, these allergies are caused by tiny particles, … Read more

9 Common Types of Indoor Air Pollutants

Common Types of Indoor Air Pollutants - Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

What is indoor air pollution? What are the types of indoor air pollutants, if any? Today, we explain in detail how indoor air gets polluted, what particles should be eliminated, and how to deal with air pollution in our homes or workplaces. When you hear the word pollution, what immediately comes to mind is poorly … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Remove Chemicals?

Do Air Purifiers Remove Chemicals

Do Air Purifiers Remove Chemicals? The short answer is, yes they do. According to the American Lung Association, indoor air can be more polluted than the air outdoors. For instance, the simple task of clearing your sink using unclogging chemicals exposes you to sodium hydroxide, which is highly toxic. The best air purifiers in Canada … Read more

Can an Air Purifier Make You Sick?

Can an Air Purifier Make You Sick

We all know that air purifiers are meant to keep us safe from diseases, especially respiratory ones. Air purifiers remove lots of particles from indoor air – dust, pollen, dust mites, smoke, gases, fumes, odours, mould spores, bacteria, viruses, and so on. But can an air purifier make you sick? Most air purifiers are safe. … Read more

When Does Pollen Season Start and End in Canada?

When Does Pollen Season Start and End in Canada

Pollen is one of the most common causes of allergies not only here but globally. Besides, it doesn’t matter if you have the best air purifier for pollen because most of it is outside. If you know when the pollen season starts and ends, however, you’ll always be better prepared. For people with allergies, the … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry?

Do Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry - Alen BreatheSmart 75i True HEPA Air Purifier

Do air purifiers make the air dry? No, they do not. However, you may feel like the air is drier when you run the air purifier 24/7 at high fan speeds. Unlike dehumidifiers whose work is to remove moisture from the air, air purifiers only make the air feel dry because they have fans as … Read more

How Long Should You Run an Air Purifier?

How long should you run an air purifier - Levoit LV-PUR131S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

An air purifier helps finish unwanted smells out of your room, leaving you with clean air free of toxins. Also, air purifiers eliminate airborne pollutants, allergens, and toxins that can cause allergies and respiratory diseases. But how long should you run an air purifier? Essentially, an air purifier can take 15 minutes to two hours … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust?

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust

Are you worried about the quality of the air that you breathe? Even if you are indoors, it does not mean that the air is safe. Dust is one of the major indoor air pollutants that cause significant health problems. What can you use to remove dust from the air? Do Air purifiers remove dust? … Read more