What is MERV Rating on Air Filters?

What is MERV Rating

What is MERV rating on air filters? MERV rating (or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) represents an air filter’s capability to capture or trap large particles measuring between 0.3 and 10 microns. And what is a micron? A micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a metre (or one micrometre). However, micron … Read more

How to Make a DIY Air Purifier

How to Make a DIY Air Purifier

Today, we let you in on the trick of how to make a DIY air purifier. If you’re wondering if you can make your own air purifier, the answer is yes, you can. However, do not expect this to be a permanent solution. Instead, you can use it in an emergency such as a sudden … Read more

What an Air Purifier Can and Can’t Do

What an Air Purifier Can and Can’t Do

Have you been wondering about what an air purifier can and can’t do? Air purifiers are some of the best home appliances ever invented. Not only do they help alleviate allergies, but they also prevent some of the worst respiratory diseases. The best air purifiers can run 24/7 without getting damaged, thereby ensuring that your … Read more

How to Clean an Air Purifier Properly

How to Clean an Air Purifier - How to Clean Your Air Purifier - Coway Airmega 400

If you’re wondering how to clean your air purifier, you are in the right place. Air purifiers are for cleaning the air, but after filtering airborne pollutants, they also need attention. Today, we present a comprehensive guide on how to clean an air purifier properly. Not only do you need to clean the filters, but … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Remove Radon?

Do Air Purifiers Remove Radon - Radon Gas Radioactive

Do air purifiers remove radon? While there are claims that some air purifiers can help with radon, we can categorically state that air purifiers do not remove radon. Instead, you must call in a radon specialist to handle it for you. What is Radon? Radon is a radioactive gas that is colourless and odourless. So, … Read more

What is PM 2.5 in Air Pollution?

What is PM 2.5? PM 2.5 stands for Particulate Matter that measures 2.5 microns or less. Just for perspective, PM2.5 is over 30 times smaller than a particle of beach sand. It’s pretty hard to see one particle of sand, so this means that PM2.5 is not visible to the naked eye. Today, we delve … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust Mites?

Do Air Purifiers Remove Dust Mites - Dust Mite Allergy

Do air purifiers remove dust mites? Do you have a dust mite allergy? Or are you just tired of dust accumulating in your space and want it gone? You are not alone. Millions of people are sneezing and wheezing due to dust and dust mite allergies. In truth, these allergies are caused by tiny particles, … Read more